Welcome to Neula Società Cooperativa, innovative startup
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Renewable Energies

We can study and realize new applications based on the remote supervision and control of processes and plants. In addition to ensuring high security standards, our virtual energy management solutions are able to provide as much information as possible about the energetic imprint of the supervised target.


Plant Supervision

We constantly and punctually verify the plants, making reports and operating activities aimed to minimize risks related to possible malfunctions and/or shutdowns.



Technical and Administrative Management

We offer services designed with the goal of guaranteeing the yield produced by our customers’ energetic resources.



Technical and Functional Checks

We issue certifications, tests and diagnoses, made by specific measurement instruments, as required by current regulations.

Research and Development

We strongly believe in collaborations with Universities and other subjects who, like us, decided to invest resources in research and development projects. We will bring to the market the results of such synergies, by converting the acquired knowledge in innovative services or consultancy.


Smart metering

We design and install telecommunication systems which can manage the acquisition, processing and storage of physical quantities and energy carriers, to provide customized supervision and control solutions.



Smart Manufacturing

We support our customers in the planning of investments focused to the digitalization and automation of processes, by providing them assistance in getting incentives, according to the provisions of the National Industry 4.0 Plan.



Smart Integration

We constantly gain know-how on emerging technologies and apply the results of our studies to implement innovative solutions able to solve problems affecting our customers.

Company Consulting

We support our customers in the administration and management of their business, through consulting and custom services based on the actual needs.

Here you can find a short list of such kind of activities:


Control Management



Valuation of funding opportunities



Project presentation



Project execution

Neula in a nutshell

Néula is a company project that unifies the ambitions of some professional figures coming from different operational areas. The expertises in the engineering and informatics sectors are combined toghether with multi-year skills and experiences related to the company organization and management control. Our goal is the creation of new and different types of solutions and services, able to intercept the actual needs of companies. We want to help our customers in managing their own business processes through a controlled and efficient way.

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