Renewable Energies

Plant Supervision

Néula supports its customers in selecting and drafting the best maintenance and insurance contracts for their plants. Such facilities will result in the effective protection of the investment, by means of a guaranteed fully operational and efficient plant.

Néula allows to optimize the work of plant mantainers, through its monitoring service. Sophisticated remote control tools allow the instantaneous verification of the correct functioning for all the key components of the photovoltaic system, and the detection of anomalous behaviours. Thanks to local climate data acquired by environmental sensors, our technical staff is able to understand whether the productivity of the photovoltaic system is optimal, or it needs to make any corrective action to restore the full efficiency.

The access to information is allowed and guaranteed by means of a dedicated supervision server. In this way, the customer is able to keep the productivity status of the plant under his direct control. The custom views and synoptic panels, can be accessed either through a simple WEB browser or a dedicated mobile app.

Technical and Functional Checks

Thanks to the availability of latest generation highly specialized measurement instruments, Néula can make a complete check-up of the plant, by providing technical documentation that certifies the operating status of the electrical and electronic components analyzed.

  • Earth/Ground and Soil Resistivity measurements: such kind of tests are mainly useful in the design phase, to size the earthing system, and carried out in accordance with the provisions of CEI 64.8, IEC 781, VDE 0413, IEC / EN 61557-5.
  • Electrical Network Analysis: these measurements allow to evaluate the quality of the electricity supply in any kind of residential, commercial or industrial building. Such aspects become critical in those places where a photovoltaic system is installed, given the particular forms of disturbances that this source of energy is potentially able to induce on the electrical network.
  • Testing of the photovoltaic system: such kind of activities are needed every time a photovoltaic system is subject to substantial changes, such as the replacement or manipulation of modules, inverters, wiring, etc. Operatively, it consists of a series of technical and functional checks to be carried out at the end of the operations on the plant. A certified declaration of the checking results is then issued.

Néula can provide to its customers a valuable support in the advanced diagnosis of any faults, malfunctions or anomalies that may affect the various components of the system, and consequently may cause an efficiency loss of the system.

  • Instrumental checks on photovoltaic modules: such kind of activities consist in evaluating the correct functioning and the actual performance through the following measurements:
    • I-V Characteristic Curve: it allows evaluating the performance loss of the string, through the comparison with the optimal characteristic declared in the photovoltaic modules datasheet.
    • Insulation Resistance Measurement: it allows evaluating the insulation with respect to the earth of the entire link, made up of DC conductors, connectors and photovoltaic modules. Besides introducing an additional loss factor in the power produced by the photovoltaic generator, a low insulation resistance also represents a potential danger in case of contact.
    • Thermographic Survey and Impedance Curve Measurement: such kind of analyses allow to identify exactly which are those photovoltaic modules affected by overheating or other malfunction causes; they are needed when the photovoltaic system performs a lower yield than that guaranteed by the manufacturer. Thanks to these analyses, it will be possible to identify the non-functioning or malfunctioning modules, then to provide for their replacement. The thermographic survey is useful especially if the system is still under warranty, as it allows providing the return of cells no longer working to obtain free replacement. This type of defects are very important to detect, since even the failure of a few cells, depending on where they are located, can compromise the production of a large part of the plant.
    • Performance Ratio Measurement (PR %): It allows evaluating the percentage ratio between the actual efficiency and the theoretical yield of the inverter.
  • Rental works tools with operator:

Néula can help its customers to perform their own measurement campaigns or individual instrumental checks, by providing specialized technicians and the following instrumentation:

  • HT SOLAR 300N:
    • Efficiency Measurements of Photovoltaic Systems
    • Network Quality Analysis
  • HT I-V 400:
    • I-V Characteristic Curve
  • HT THT41:
    • Thermography Survey
  • HT SIRIUS 89 / HT Z49
    • Electrical Safety Check
    • Single-Phase / Three-Phase Network Analysis
  • ISA RTS-3 / T 1000 plus
    • Protection Devices Check
    • Relay/Transducer Test

In order to offer an accurate and reliable service, all the instruments are subjected to periodic calibration and check, according to the relevant standards.

Technical and Administrative Management

Néula can offer a wide range of services, designed with the aim of protecting the investment of its customers. Such facilities can be provided individually or integrated into a single service contract. The last proposal is suitable for medium and large systems, either referring to existing or new installations.


Here a short list of such kind of activities is showed:


  • Energy consulting and study of the system solution
  • Planning and sizing of the plant
  • Authorization procedures
  • Practices for obtaining incentives and / or tax deductions
  • Assistance with the use of the GSE portal
  • System testing
  • UTF practical assistance
  • Consumption statement
  • Balance calculation
  • Compilation and sending of the F24
  • Production register management
  • GAUDI’-TERNA practices (resolution AEEG ARG / elt 124/10)
  • ENEL PRACTICES (Resolution 786/2016) SPI Adjustment
  • Customs practices
  • SIAD practices
  • Analysis of actual energy production compared to estimates
  • Specific insurance packages for PV systems