About Us

In the Sardinian language, “Néula” expresses the concept of fog. Actually, “Néula” derives from the latin word “Nébula”, which instead means cloud. The spirit and ambition which inspire us reflect the etymology of this word. Our inclination towards the in-depth study of new concepts and technologies is driven by an innate curiosity, which encourage us to see beyond the limits and difficulties. The same applies for those who try to focus their gaze beyond the fog, with the ambition to reach a far wider and out of the ordinary perspective. Often, people relate clouds to concepts such as: ephemeral, unreality, or dream, but we like to imagine our “Néula”, also as a sort of “Brain”, in which those unusual ideas can born and grow. Sometimes, just because of their nature, these unconventional ideas can change the world.

Our Values

We imagine that Sardinia will stop soon being an island from which today many talents are moving away, to become a promising land, able to attract and hold people who, while pursuing their personal ambitions, cultivate their civic sense, respect for the rules and the protection of the common good.

Our Vision

We want to contribute in making Sardinia a prosperous place where commerce, education, culture and relationships thrive, thanks to a dense network of cooperations, sharing and synergies between local Companies, Research Centers, and Schools.

We wish to enhance, as best as we can, the high-profile human capital that our territory can offer.

Our Goal

We aim to support the innovation projects of local companies by providing them strong expertise and the results reached in our research activities.

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